The most interesting sights in Norway

Full of natural beauty, Norway is one of the most stunning countries in the world. However not every traveller is an  outdoorsy one and there are also bustling cities to visit as well. Full of history and museums, the country can cater to any visitor all year round.

Nature and Wilderness

One can’t go to Norway without visiting the Western Fjords. Famous throughout the country, they aren’t limited to a particular area though the West of Norway does boast the most dramatic ones with dramatic cliffs, mountains and deep valleys. Stavanger is not far off and is one of the few places where visitors
can also hit some sandy beaches as well as get immersed in some
Medieval history.

Lofoten islands are also a must. Located in the north, it is a picturesque scene of small fishing villages hidden amongst the fjords. A rugged coastline, mountains emerge from the ocean and it is described as one of the most beautiful parts of

For those that want a true adventure there is Svalbard. A group of islands in the far north, it is further north than Alaska and home to a small but permanent population of 3000. The big draw here is the untamed nature, which greets the visitor. From ice flows to huge mountains, whales to polar bears, this is wild
nature at its best.

Hitting the Towns

Beautiful Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and was the main port since the Middle Ages. It sports a waterfront from the 15th century, which is simultaneously a working port and a tourist destination for those wishing to try some seafood. Perfectly situated to visit the fjords nearby, there is also plenty of history to see within the city itself.

Of course the capital city of Oslo is another must. Vibrant and modern it hugs Oslofjord and has two thirds of its cityscape made up of lush green parks. The city is also home to fifty museums, which include The Scream by Edvard Munch and a number of historic building and artefacts museums.

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