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Dreadful from the Faderhuset leader in Denmark!

Jan-Aage Torp
March 09, 2014
It is with horror, but not surprise, that we have received the announcement about Ruth Evensen´s divorce from her husband and simultaneous entering into a new marriage - now with her ex-husband´s active participation in that he leads Ruth up as bride! writes Oslochurch Pastor Jan-Aage Torp in this somber statement.

The description from our Danish friend Moses Hansen is in accordance with our assessment of the official announcement from Ruth Evensen during the past few days.

My exwife and I got to know Faderhuset Copenhagen in 2004, when they 2-3 times visited our work which was being started in Oslo. They brought passion and excitement.

But on July 26th, 2005, while I was ministering in Uganda, I received a shocking email from Ruth Evensen which would force our divorce. Three days later I received an email from my exwife with joyfyl reports from Faderhuset´s “Joel’s Army Bootcamp” where our son Anders was a participant....

The seeds for destruction of home and family came unequivocally from Ruth Evensen and Faderhuset.

In writing, I denounced Faderhuset and Ruth Evensen in August 2005. During a personal visit in Copenhagen in September 2006, I repeated this orally.

I have for several years carried these dreadful experiences and secrets, but now Ruth Evensen herself has presented her perverted theology and practice.

The past cannot be redone. But the truth sets free!

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