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In Sunday´s teaching, Pastors Aina & Jan-Aage Torp presented the Biblical teaching on the value of work.
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Our missionary to Thailand, Anna Kristensen, was promoted to glory on Monday, August 4th.
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In yesterady´s worship service, pastor couple Aina & Jan-Aage Torp asked based on Hames 4.14: «What is your life?"
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Jan-Aage blogs about the difference between functioning as a local pastor and an apostle.
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Screenshot from troensbevis.no
Pastor Jan-Aage rejoices at the strong focus on children and youth during this summer´s festivals and conventions in Norway. "Christianity has a stronger position in Norway than I had thought", he writes on his Norwegian blog.
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They are having fun!
When Jan-Aage was a missionary kid running around in Bangkok, Thailand, his favorite preacher was Nirut Chandkorn. This week, Jan-Aage and his Thai Papa have been reconnected - in Norway!
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Jan-Aage Torp has spent five days with leaders of the evangelical-pentecostal movement in Bosnia & Hercegovina, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, and he is happy to report that the churches in this war-torn region of Europe are growing stronger!
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In what may prove to be an historic moment for Europe, apostolic leaders Gerhard Hobelman (Holland), Markus Rapp (Germany), and Jan-Aage Torp (Norway) have been assembled in Holland to lay bold plans and strategize for their beloved continent.
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 Some of the council members at an excursion to our new venue for the November annual meeting. Kelly is in the middle, with his hat!
International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders
Toward a Global Movement
Europe is fully involved
The Apostles Council of International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL) has been assembled this week in Dallas, Texas for a 1 1/2 day meeting at Hyatt Place Hotel. Convenor John P. Kelly got the feedback and input he needed, and the council members have headed home, ready to implement the vision and plan.
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On Thursday, August 8th, Oslochurch was officially approved by the Governor of Oslo as a legal religious community.
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"Whatever a man sows, that he will also reap" (Gal 6:7).

Worship service
August 31, 2014 16:00
Venue: Fireside Room, Fritznersgate 15 (entrance from Gimle Terrasse)
Worship Service
September 7, 2014 16:00
Venue: Fireside Room, Fritznersgate 15 (entrance from Gimle Terrasse)
Security Procedures
Because of extra security procedures in the church building where Fireside Room is located, we are required to use caution. If you would like to visit a service at Oslochurch, please send an email with your name and mobile phone number, using the contact form on this webpage, or send an sms to the church phone 99899959. Our ushers will be glad to receive you! You are warmly welcome! Members and regulars are encouraged to bring friends! PLEASE USE THE ENTRANCE FROM GIMLE TERRASSE.


Attack on charismatic Ministry to children
Screen photo of Matt Sorger´s ministry to young people in the specific video.
Via the webpage of the defector-organization Hjelpekilden I have discovered a video about charismatic ministry to children in our time. Hjelpekilden is evidently taking a very critical stance against this, and are followed by the anti-Christian Levi Fragell. By taking such a position, Hjelpekilden will reduce its opportunity to give real help to defectors, writes pastor Jan-Aage Torp.
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Fantastic at "Sarons Dal"
Nicky Cruz, Jan-Aage Torp and Rune Edvardsen (photo: Oddbjørn Wetteland)
Our pastor contributed as the translator for Nicky Cruz from Puerto Rico/USA and Nirut Chandkorn from Thailand during the summer convention at "Sarons Dal" (=the Valley of Sharon) on July 16th-20th. -These were fantastic days, says Jan-Aage who rejoiced over the fellowship with Norwegian brothers and sisters in Jesus, especially with Rune & Sølvi Edvardsen themselves.
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Gabor Dobos translating for Jan-Aage Torp
Historic English-Hungarian
Sunday´s worship service in Oslochurch was historic: For the first time Hungarian was used as one of two preaching-languages in the meeting because there were some Hungarian speakers in attendance.
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Funeral of Anna Kristensen
Anna Kristensen´s casket at the Fenstad Church Cemetery
In a moving ceremony yesterday at the Fenstad Church Cemetery, our dear missionary Anna Kristensen (86) was laid to rest.
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We have the legal Right to Wed
Oslochurch has chosen to continue the practice for Pentecostal Churches in Norway to have the legal right to wed. Pastor Jan-Aage Torp has had the legal right to wed in Pentecostal Churches since 1985, og this has been confirmed by the Governor of Oslo.
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