Casinos in Norway

For those seeking places to gamble in Norway, they will unfortunately be disappointed. Norway has no live casinos, as it not part of their culture. It is illegal and has always been strictly controlled in the country. There are only two companies that are legally allowed to offer gambling services to Norwegian citizens. They are Norsk Tipping and Norsk Sikstoto. Norsk Tipping offers sports betting and lotteries. Norsk Tipping is a state-owned company that is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture, and has strict rules about the time of day that people may gamble, as well as strict rules about how much money a player can bet. They are the only company that is allowed to offer horse betting, and everyone must be over the age of 18 to participate. It’s legal to host gambling parties in private homes as long as they are not organized as actual businesses. That aside, should you feel the need to partake in games of risk, there are options available online.

Gambling History in Norway

Norse Tipping is the only online casino that is available to offer online entertainment, as Norway has stopped allowing international casino companies to operate in the country. The Norwegian bank has been forced to even outlaw the use of their personal credit cards and debit cards at gambling establishments globally. Norwegians are required to claim their winnings and pay taxes for wins made internationally. Slots rose quickly in popularity in the 1990s after the Lottery Act of 1995. By 2004, the turnover for slot machine games had risen to NOK 26 billion. This happened because of ineffective regulation. The Lottery Act granted gambling licenses only to charitable organizations, but it also allowed private organizations to share in the profit. After noticing a correlation between the rise in gambling addictions and the rise in slot machines, the government began again to work towards restricting the slots. In 2007, slots were outlawed altogether. In 2009, interactive video games were reintroduced. As you can see, Norway has had a complicated relationship with gambling as a form of entertainment.

Luckily, if you are not a Norwegian citizen, you have all the freedom to spend your money as you wish. There is an abundance of online casinos available to European citizens with excellent customer service, fast payouts, and strong security. A good example is Casumo that has a good reputation in the Norwegian market.