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Fellowshipping with fellow apostle Leo T. Duites at Opus Cafe - Oslo SentralstasjonFellowshipping with fellow apostle Leo T. Duites at Opus Cafe - Oslo Sentralstasjon

Buddy Fellowship and Prayer with Bishop Leo

May 16, 2012
Bishop Leo T. Duites and Jan-Aage are building a dear friendship in Oslo.

It started on October 23rd, 2010 when Leo sent an email to Jan-Aage with a powerful message from the Lord. A couple of weeks later they met for the first time. And just after that Leo had to return to his native Philippines.

But a few weeks ago he came back to Oslo where his church, Norway International Fellowship (NIF) is thriving at Lambertseter.

Jan-Aage and Leo are meeting every other week to build friendship and pray for each other.

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